What is Macabre Art

What is the Macabre Art site all about? I’m so glad you asked.

This is the art of Ed Walker. I am a writer and artist with a love for all things weird and macabre. I help my wife run her gothic-themed store in Las Vegas, NV.
My love of horror films and all things gothic shaped my sensibilities for my subject matter.
I love texture and dimension in art so relief carving seemed the perfect direction for me.
I’ve worked in both linoleum and wood mediums and enjoy both. The carving is actually my favorite part of the process.

As opposed to digital art, linocarvings or linocuts and woodcuts celebrate the long tradition of handmade editioned art that has been practiced for millennia. While woodblock printmaking goes back thousands of years, linocut was popularised by artists like Picasso in the early part of the 20th century because of the wider availability and softer texture of linoleum.

All parts of my process are done by hand. I either draw an original picture or cobble together bits and pieces of existing images to create something unique. I also draw upon magical and religious symbols as sources for my designs.

I carve the design into the medium and can then present it as a unique art object or I can use it to create printed products.
Each one is truly an original work of art.

Most of my work will be bas relief linocut meaning that I will carve the linoleum as the art in and of itself. It may be painted or simply polished to showcase the beauty of the linoleum sculpted into an image. I will occasionally offer handmade prints of some designs.

I work with commercial-grade linoleum which is much harder and more durable than the standard gray lino that many artists use for printmaking. The soft gray lino can be easily deformed by heat or printing, the commercial grade is much firmer and longer-lasting and can stand up to the environment without deformation.